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Saturday, 4th August, 2018
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How the peace was made between Eritrea and Ethiopia: The appointment in April of a new Ethiopian prime minister, 41-year-old Abiy Ahmed was vital to the peace process. On taking office he called for peace, as did his two predecessors. But in early June he went further, by offering to implement the UN peace agreement, including its controversial ruling on the location of the border, without preconditions. The political and generational shift within the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) heralded by his rise had made such fresh thinking possible. Read the rest...  
  The new Ethiopian president, Abiy Ahmed, 41 (right) brought new thinking to the peace process.
Ethiopia and Eritrea - peace at last: Ethiopia and Eritrea declared peace, ending a state of war that had lasted two decades. Ethiopia is to give back the town of Badme, whose disputed ownership was a cause of the war, and should gain access to Eritrea’s Red Sea ports. The deal has won plaudits for Ethiopia’s dynamic new prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, whereas Eritrea’s ultra-repressive leader, Isaias Afwerki, may find it harder to keep his grip.

President Macron visits Fela's The Shrine: The old Afrika Shrine, a music venue in Lagos, was burned down by soldiers in 1977. Its founder, the late Fela Kuti, had called them “zombies” in a song. But Kuti’s children rebuilt a nearby venue in 2000. Ever since, the New Afrika Shrine has attracted hip Nigerians and expats, including a young Emmanuel Macron, who once worked as an intern in the French embassy in Abuja. Mr Macron seems to have developed an attachment. When visiting Nigeria on July 3rd he went out of his way to visit the nightclub, known for its gyrating dancers. >>>

  Mr Macron takes a selfie with Nigerian dignitaries and other African musicians at The Afrika Shrine in Ikeja, Lagos

London-based nurse jailed for trafficking Nigerian women: Tales of black magic are not common fare in British courtrooms. But for the past two months, jurors at Birmingham Crown Court have learned the grisly rituals of a juju ceremony. They heard how a British nurse, Josephine Iyamu, forced five women to eat chicken hearts and drink a cocktail of blood and worms. Once the women swore their allegiance, she arranged for them to travel to Europe, at a cost of €30,000. They were forced to work as prostitutes to repay the debt to the woman they knew as “Madam Sandra”. The jury found her guilty of slavery offences and perverting the course of justice. On July 4th a judge sentenced her to 14 years in prison. It was the first time a court had used Britain’s Modern Slavery Act, introduced in 2015, to convict someone of an extraterritorial offence. >>>

  Josephine Iyamu, a Nigerian nurse based in London, is said to have used juju to ensure the allegiance of the girls she brought to Europe for prostitution
Police increase border patrols: The police will increase patrols within Sweden's borders starting from Monday. International airports like Arlanda and Landvetter will also be included in the checks. According to the police, the increased patrols are in response to government orders. The government has come to the conclusion that there is a threat to order and internal security in the country. The police say they want to be able to differentiate between genuine asylum seekers, economic migrants, potential terrorists and other criminals.
Val 2018 - SD:s invandringspolitik populär: Väljarnas viktigaste frågor är alltjämnt sjukvård, skola och invandring. Sistnämnda fortsätter att öka i betydelse, enligt en undersökning som
opinionsföretaget Novus gjort. SD är det parti som väljarna anser har den bästa politiken i invandrings- och integrationspolitiken, med 36 procent av väljarnas stöd. För två månader
sedan låg den siffran på 27 procent. Trots att S lyft frågan i sin val- strategi lyckas man inte öka sitt stöd. Bara 14 procent av väljarna anser att partiet har bäst politik jämfört med 16 proc under förra året.
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